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100% natural bath bombs. WITHOUT SYNTHETIC DYES!!! 

The perfect addition to your bath. Indulge in a wonderful fragrance and natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft.



Unlike many other bath bombs, there are no artificial colours added to our balls. They owe their colour to the addition of powdered green tea leaves, which has a positive effect on your skin. It prevents skin ageing, cleanses the skin, soothes and moisturises, helps to reduce cellulite.


- 100% Vegan

- Cruelty-Free

- All Natural Ingredients 

- Recycled & Recyclable packaging

Handmade Vegan Bath Bomb Mix Scents Pack of 4

  • Bicarbonate soda, Citric Acid, Orange Seed Oil, Green Tea Leaf Powder, Coconut milk powder, Cornstarch, Essential Oils

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