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A relaxing scent of lavender accompanied by cedarwood and bergamot.


Suitable when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere at home.

The diffuser has a natural colour and a pleasant scent throughout its use, as it is made of natural ingredients.


Once the product is completely used up, it can be refilled with another fragrance from the refill bottles. 


The ingredients in this product are 100% plant-based.


Handmade in the UK.

Made From Natural Sweet Almond Oil

Made From Essential Oils.

Content of Essential Oils - 30%

Vegan Friendly.

Lasting for a minimum of 8 weeks.

VOL 50ml


Flip The Reeds

Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.


Use The Right Number of Reeds

All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.


Direct Sunlight

Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.

Relax - Reed Diffuser

  • Sweet Almond Oil, Blen of Essential Oils




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